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Life Happened bunny
Posted on 2010.02.22 at 22:20

Life Happened bunny

Friends Only now

Posted on 2007.02.22 at 19:33
The journal Is friends only now.

*Edit - to be fair, I will explain. (In a nutshell, anyway). I am kinda sorta tired of people in my life that may or may not be friends. Like, a hi once in a while but then completely dropped for a long ass time while Im left wondering what the hell is going on. There are quite a few I dont trust anymore and there are some that we dont really have an interest in each other anymore. I want to have people on my friends list that are actual FRIENDS so I can post my thoughts freely on my own LJ site without worrying about SOME people reading it. SO, if we have a strong enough bond to re-connect, please comment. Thank you.

Life Happened bunny

Interesting past 48 hours of being awake

Posted on 2007.02.19 at 00:00
Current Mood: ecstaticecstatic
Current Music: Barney from the simpsons singing "I dream of Jeanie"
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Life Happened bunny

why the fuck not?

Posted on 2007.01.29 at 01:34
I'll tell you why I am happy.
We're engaged.

There, now you know.

Life Happened bunny

It occured to me

Posted on 2007.01.28 at 23:22
Current Music: Call me Al - Paul Simon
Just recently I realized I havent made a post in a very long time. Maybe I should update people on whats going on incase they dont know yet. That is if there is anything to be updating about. Lets see, I guess I will just kinda say what I've been doing.

I got back into the crack which is World of Warcraft. I've been trying really hard not to get drawn into it, but I fail a lot of the time. This time around, I am not the ever loving puni puni poemi, but infact the dangerous, sly and mysterious Amitsuko. I'm almost up to the level I was before when I played, and I got there in a month instead of 6, so I am doing pretty well.

Abilify is my worst enemy. It didnt really help with the SZA, but instead gave me horrible episodes of doom that were the worst I had ever had. It also gave me horrible anxiety attacks and nightmares of doom. Its okay because tomarrow I get to start going to CMH out here, wherein I will start to get the care that I need. Well, I get the care and love I need from Kagura, but there are medications that I should be taking that she cant prescribe to me.

The things that are making me happy are still making me happy, as they always will. In time I will tell everybody my secrets, but once again rest assured its a good thing that makes everyone happier and more connected. I'm overjoyed so that is good.

Thats all I can think of, but I am sure there is something else.

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Life Happened bunny

I'm home now

Posted on 2007.01.04 at 21:00
Current Mood: ecstaticecstatic
I am home now, and it turns out today has been the best day of my life.


Life Happened bunny


Posted on 2007.01.03 at 20:15
Current Mood: exhaustedexhausted
Hello. The word right now seems to be that since Taku had the flu (hey I made a rhyme!) it prevented him from properly absorbing his meds (since he ended up vomiting them up more often than not before they digest) so basically its like he has been off meds for a week. They also decided that his anti psych dose was about half of what it was supposed to be, so they raised it. The level he was at was the first step in what was supposed to be a work up to the therapeutic level, but since the shit happened at the clinic, ect ect he wasnt regulated like he was supposed to be so basically the anti psychs were not raised up to a level where they would have actually HELPED.

So HOPEFULLY they will send him home in the morn since it was decided that he really didnt take a dive, it was just the unfortunate circumstances of being sick and the extremely low doses of meds. They gave him meds for flu so he feels alot better and they are going to help set him up with out patient therapy ALONG with his regular therapist (whom he sees for the first time in a week).

That is all. Blessed be.


Life Happened bunny

Happy fucking new year

Posted on 2007.01.03 at 03:02
Troy is back in the hospital.

Life Happened bunny

I fought the road, and the road won

Posted on 2006.12.21 at 21:50
Today was the suckiest suck to suck.

Inu-kun has a second job that has her working in different areas, and I drive her to them. Todays happened to be in the most confusing jacked up part of Detroit EVER! So After we got lost and had the directions of "Oh you went the wrong way. Go the right way. Click*" We found where we needed to go. The suckiest part was when I left.
Ive got no idea how to get home. I started to drive and started to figure it out when the suck happened.

It was as if the moon had crashed into the front of the car.
It was a huge explosion of death and doom and noise from hell, then spinning.

I could go on with descriptors, but what happened was the front passenger tire just exploded, and through the car into this spin. I didnt hit anyone, but I hit the curb with the front of the car. I drove up a little further into this parking lot thing, which was scary as hell, and this car followed me.

It was the car that was behind me, and some people checking to make sure it was okay, and to tell me that was the coolest and scariest thing they ever saw. So I look at the tire. There is like NOTHING left of the plastic cover thing, and a giant part missing from the tire. It was as if jaws came by and said hi.

So, I switched out the tire, and continued home, which is actually simple compared to getting there. Oh yeah, add into all of that it was raining, really hard. IT SUCKED ASS.


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